If you’re of a certain age, you probably never expected to be in front of a video camera unless you were in show business or a TV news anchorperson. Today, of course, most of us are on camera on a regular basis – from Zoom meetings to dating apps. While it may not seem fair, appearances really do count! We at Tempus Hair Restoration are seeing the trend toward hair restoration procedures driven by social media and virtual meeting apps.

If you think that your hair loss may be holding you back in your career and other areas of life, you could be right – and you are definitely not alone! Our blog post – “Does Hair Loss Hurt Your Career?” – shares compelling evidence of a “yes” answer. The post cites a study in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, which found that a few more hair follicles can make all the difference between people seeing you as a success or a lost cause. In this study, Johns Hopkins University researchers recruited participants to compare photos of men before and after they got a hair transplant. Although they were looking at the same men, participants rated men after they got their hair transplants as more attractive, approachable and successful.

Thomas Cash – emeritus professor of psychology and author of The Body Image Workbook – conducted a study looking at bias against bald men. His study found that when people were shown photographs of bald men and asked to estimate their age, they added an average of three years and nine months to the men’s actual age. Men with a full head of hair had an average of two years and five months taken off.

Going from Self-awareness to Selfie-awareness

The term “selfie-awareness” was coined by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS). The organization recently released results of its 2020 members’ survey, which revealed that many patients were seeking a “real-life filtered look,” with 75 percent of surgeons detailing patients seeking cosmetic procedures to look better in selfies – representing a 33-percent overall increase since the AAFPRS first identified this trend in 2016. The trend, of course, isn’t limited to cosmetic surgery. The booming demand for Botox and injectable fillers indicates a desire to banish wrinkles and an overall tired appearance through minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures. In addition, estheticians now offer a high-tech array of specialized facial treatments designed to turn back the clock by firming facial muscles and minimizing lines.

Actually, this is a continuation of “The Brand Called You” phenomenon. Coined by Tom Peters and featured in a Fast Company article in 1997 (long before the first selfie was snapped), this concept holds that each individual is their own brand – just as much as Starbucks or Nike – and so we need to market ourselves accordingly to stand out in an increasingly competitive society. The idea that we are the star of our own story has been around for quite a while. Social media has upped the ante, placing increasing emphasis on presenting a youthful, vital image as it gives us a virtual stage on which to shine.

The New Attitude Toward Hair Transplants

Not so long ago, men who underwent hair transplant surgery kept it a secret – as much as possible, that is. Their attitude paralleled that of women who had a facelift. Be it new hair growth on a once-balding scalp or a  firmer, younger-appearing face, patients perceived their rejuvenation as something that would be ridiculed by society, rather than admired. 

Fortunately, today’s attitude is much more open, as those who have benefitted from a hair transplant or cosmetic surgery procedure are proud of their journey and are often willing to talk about their experience to help others considering doing likewise. In either case, people no longer worry about being judged as vain. Instead, they see their physical transformation as also being emotionally and psychologically transformative, providing the boost in self-confidence and optimism that inspires them to achieve their goals.

Not Your Father’s Hair Transplant – Improved Techniques Provide Improved Results

Also relegated to years past are “pluggy” hair transplants, easily identified by large unsightly grafts spread apart unnaturally. As a leader in hair restoration procedures, Dr. Marco Barusco – Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Tempus Hair Restoration – has developed such advanced techniques as the groundbreaking No-Shave FUE. Short for follicular unit excision, the No-Shave FUE completely conceals harvested donor sites immediately, allowing you to resume your regular activities with virtually no evidence of the procedure.

Another leading-edge, yet proven procedure is the combined FUE and FUT (follicular unit transplantation). This technique covers large areas of baldness in a single surgery. Patients with advanced hair loss are typically required to undergo multiple hair transplant procedures to obtain coverage of their entire bald scalp – having to wait one year or more between procedures. This allows patients to achieve their ultimate goal sooner, with one procedure versus many.

Picture-perfect Facial Hair Transplants

Thanks largely to Instagram, eyebrows have become the center of a billion-dollar beauty industry dedicated to achieving the perfect arch. As an increasing number of women find their artistic talent and time are limited (not to mention the ongoing expense of cosmetics, and the often botched results of microblading and permanent tattoos), eyebrow transplants are becoming a popular alternative. 

This procedure uses your own hair, harvested from the scalp, with preference for the temporal areas, where the hair quality is more compatible to eyebrow hair (finer, more delicate hairs). Grafts are carefully selected to achieve the appearance of natural eyebrow hair once transplanted. The individual follicular units are then extracted and treated to ensure they remain healthy and viable when inserted at the recipient site.

Dr. Barusco’s technical skill and artistic eye places each hair in keeping with the angle and direction of natural growth – a critical factor for the natural look of any hair transplant, particularly the eyebrows. As a Fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS), his experience and credentials are unmatched in making Dr. Barusco uniquely qualified to perform eyebrow restorative surgery.

As for beards, their popularity shows no signs of abating. While many men strive for a full, healthy beard, some experience patchy areas with no growth. A beard transplant can provide what nature did not, or expertly camouflage scars where facial hair no longer grows.

The hair for facial hair transplants is normally taken from the sides and back of the head, which are the same areas used in typical hair transplant surgery for bald and thinning areas of the scalp. The only difference is that the hair removed is usually from lower down toward the neck, where the hair quality is more compatible to facial hair. Dr. Barusco understands how hairs from different areas of the body behave, and has the skill and artistry to harvest those that are the best match.

Be it Scalp, Brows or Beards, You Feel Your Best About Yourself When You Look Your Best

So hop on your next Zoom conference, update your dating app profile photo or take that selfie with confidence! You owe it to yourself to invest in yourself and reach for the new opportunities available to those who embrace change. Choose your surgeon wisely, and be ready to claim your online fame!  Contact us to schedule your free virtual consultation. Dr. Barusco conducts every consultation himself, giving you the opportunity to learn your options in the comfort of your home – or any location, on any internet-enabled device. 

Dr. Barusco conducts consultations in English, Spanish and Portuguese. For your greater convenience, Tempus Hair Restoration offers a two-night complimentary hotel stay to out-of-town clients who travel 100 miles or more to our Port Orange, Florida, surgical center. No matter how far the distance, we welcome the opportunity to help you on your hair restoration journey!




Author: Tempus Hair Restoration