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Specializing in Hair Loss Treatment for Women

If you are a woman losing confidence over hair loss or thinning hair, don’t delay a visit to a hair loss specialist. There is a hair loss treatment for women in most situations, but an adequate diagnosis must be made first. Without treatment, hair loss tends to progress and worsen over time. Unlike men, female pattern hair loss may affect the entire scalp, but women generally do not become completely bald.

The Ludwig Classification describes stages of the progression of untreated female pattern hair loss. The further along you are in the classification, the more hair has been damaged and lost forever. Time is not on your side if you are experiencing hair loss because you cannot regrow lost hair. You must seek treatment as soon as you notice hair loss or thinning to maintain the hair you do have.

Finding the Most Effective Hair Restoration Method for Women

Although not every woman with hair loss is a candidate for hair transplantation, all may be helped by a combination of medical treatments. These include Rogaine (Minoxidil), Viviscal®, the Capillus RX 312 Laser Therapy Device and other prescription medications, depending on your condition. In some cases, relatively simple treatments can produce dramatic results. Another available treatment is the new and effective procedure that helps your hair get stronger, fuller and thicker. Only a few offices in the country are offering this technology, and we are the only one in Florida.

As a highly qualified hair loss specialist with more than 20 years’ experience, Dr. Barusco can help you find the best treatment for your specific type of hair loss. Stop wasting your time and money on ineffective over-the-counter treatments. These shampoos, pills and devices have shown few positive results and they waste valuable time you could be using to get help to halt the progression of hair loss.

We specialize in hair loss treatment for women for restoring full, healthy hair.