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We’re proud to deliver results that speak for themselves. Sometimes our thrilled clients add their own voices to our results as well. The hair restoration reviews below are a valuable way to judge our service and forecast what your results might be.

I am very thankful to Dr. Barusco

— Lori Frank, Orlando, FL

After my first experience with Dr. Barusco I found it so successful that I returned for a second one! The second one was so successful that I went back a third time!

Tempus Hair Restoration is fantastic!

— Tempus Hair Restoration is fantastic!, florida

Tempus Hair Restoration is fantastic!

Glad that I came here, Dr. Barusco and his staff really took care of me.

— Keith Jung, Florida

I suffered from a head trauma several years ago and had scars and he fixed me up.

This video is in Portuguese. Os jornalistas Eliakim Araújo e Leila Cordeiro discutem seu transplante capilar, feito pelo Dr. Marco Barusco da Tempus Hair Restoration em Port Orange..

— Eliakim Araújo, Spoken In Portuguese

Keith Jung, a patient of Dr. Barusco and Tempus Hair Restoration's exclusive Tempus Restore Initiative discusses his accident and the hair transplant procedure that was done to help him with the scars on his scalp.

— Keith Jung, N/A

Jimmy Hart, WWE Hall of Famer and Superstar, visits Dr. Marco Barusco at Tempus Hair Restoration in Port Orange, FL and talks about his hair loss and his experience with his hair transplantation.

— Jimmy Hart, N/A

Dennis, a Medical Assistant at Tempus Hair Restoration, discusses his 7 years of experience in hair restoration and his hair transplantation procedure.

— Dennis Colon, Port Orange, FL

Danny talks about his car accident, the scars left on his scalp from the accident and his hair restoration experience with other physicians and with Dr. Marco Barusco and the team at Tempus Hair Restoration in Port Orange, Florida.

— Dany, Port Orange, FL

Lori and Stephanie Frank talk about Lori's hair restoration experience with Dr. Marco Barusco and the team at Tempus Hair Restoration in Port Orange, Florida.

— Lori Frank, Port Orange, FL

David wore a hair piece for 7 years before he had his first hair transplant procedure with Dr. Barusco. His results were so pleasing to him that he was able to give up the hair piece for his own, permanent hair. Here David shares his journey.

— David Galloway, N/A

Penny shares her experience with Dr. Barusco after a transplant to cover a scar area on her scalp.

— Patient: Penny, Jacksonville, FL

Patient of Dr. Marco Barusco of Tempus Hair Restoration shares his hair transplant experience.

— Joe, Orlando