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Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Restoration

We get many specific questions about our leading procedures, process and results. You may find this list of questions we received as a faster way to get the hair restoration details you need.

What is Stem Cell Hair Restoration & Can I Try It?

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What is Stem Cell Hair Restoration?

Continuing to innovate, Tempus Hair Restoration is proud to be the first dedicated hair restoration practice in Florida to offer stem cell hair loss therapy using a combination of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Stromal Stem Cell (SVF).

Can you try it?

Like all other hair replacement treatments we provide, this is a MEDICAL procedure, so a consultation with Dr. Barusco is required to make sure you are a candidate for this treatment.

The technology employed by Tempus Hair Restoration of Florida  is the most advanced available for the processing of stem cells and growth factors– and is fully regulated by the FDA. The strict protocols and sterilization procedures followed by surgeon Dr. Barusco and his hair restoration team ensure that you get the safest, highest quality concentrate of PRP / SVF / stem cells available anywhere.

¿Hablan Español en Tempus Hair Restoration of Florida?

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Sí, y Portugués!

Fluent in English, Spanish, and Portugese, Dr. Barusco is also a member of various committees in the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and a respected author of hair restoration textbooks in both English and Portuguese.

For a full list of Dr. Barusco’s accolades and experience, click here for a copy of his CV.


Fluido en inglés, español y portugués, el Dr. Barusco también es miembro de diversos comités de la Sociedad Internacional de Cirugía de Restauración Capilar (ISHRS) y autor respetado de libros de texto sobre restauración capilar en inglés y portugués.

Para obtener una lista completa de los elogios y la experiencia del Dr. Barusco, haga clic aquí para obtener una copia de su CV.

I have never spoken to a professional about my hair loss .. how do I know if this is right for me?

When you have scheduled your comprehensive consultation, you will meet with our Patient Education Director who will review all of your options and answer all of your questions before selecting the course of action that will get you the results you want!

Try our assessment to see if you are a hair transplant candidate

What happens during a typical hair transplant procedure at Tempus Hair?

This is a question we get a lot, and during the consultation, we will walk you through every step in the hair transplant procedure. But in a nutshell, a typical day starts at around 7AM. You will check into the office in Port Orange, sign a couple of forms, and once all of the paperwork is done, the financial balance for the procedure will be collected.

After that, our nurse Maddy will take you to our changing room, where you will store your clothes and shoes in a private locker and dress into our disposable scrubs, which provide full body coverage and are very comfortable to wear. We even provide anti-slip socks. This is done so that the street clothes and shoes that you wore to the office will not come into the procedure room (a super clean room). This is a precaution that no other hair transplant clinic takes.

Once changed, Maddy will wash your hair with a special surgical shampoo and blow dry it in preparation for the procedure. This is another precaution no other clinic takes, and it has to do with disinfecting your hair and scalp to prevent infections. Next, you will go to the procedure room, where Maddy will check your vital signs.

Then it is time to meet with Dr. Marco Barusco to review the plan for the procedure, take pictures for your chart (not to share on social media). The areas to be transplanted will be marked and you will be given ample time to review everything and ask questions. Once everything is good, Dr. Barusco will give you a preventative dose of antibiotics to take by mouth, as well as a sedative. We do not give sedation via IV or injections. Then you will be connected to our heart and vital signs monitor and we will begin the anesthesia process. We use local anesthesia and there is very little discomfort with this, since we use vibration and other techniques to make it more comfortable for you.

Once the anesthesia has taken effect and you are relaxed, Dr. Barusco will remove the donor hairs from the back and/or sides of your scalp. We specialize in both the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and the (FUE) Follicular Unit Extraction method of hair harvesting, including our own process, the No-Shave FUE Technique.

If an FUT procedure is done, Dr. Barusco will give the strip of hairs to his technicians (Maddy, Omar, and Dennis), who will then dissect the hair units from it. All three of them have been working with Dr. Barusco for over 12 years, and are very experienced, but Dr. Barusco is always supervising every step of the procedure. If hairs are harvested via the FUE method, Dr. Barusco will PERSONALLY harvest every one of the hairs. Maddy will assist, but all hairs will be punched by Dr. Barusco.

Then Dr. Barusco will create ALL of the recipient sites, i.e., the incisions where the grafts or hairs will be placed, in the balding areas. This is a critical process, since the recipient sites must be created at a specific angle and direction in relation to the scalp to create a natural-looking result.


After that, Dr. Barusco, Maddy, Omar and Dennis will work together placing all of the hair grafts into the recipient incisions, one by one. Once they are all inserted, Dr. Barusco will check everything and we will give you instructions in writing, detailing day-by-day, step-by-step what you need to do. Then you will be discharged to go home and rest.

During the day, you will have a big screen TV with Netflix and other streaming platforms to make the day more pleasant for you, as well as a variety of snacks and beverages to choose from. Lunch is also served, and you will be able to choose a delicious lunch from one of the many different restaurants we have here.

Follow-ups after the procedure are normally done at 4, 8 and 12 months, to check the growth. But all patients have direct access to Dr. Barusco via cell phone, for any questions or concerns. You may have as many follow-ups as you need, with never any charges for them.

How are consultations performed? Am I under any obligation or cost?

We offer FREE consultations, and you are under no obligation to purchase anything. We do not believe in pressure, and the sole goal of the consultation is for you to understand what your options are based on your situation and goals.

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Dr. Barusco sees ALL patients for consultation and is the ONLY one allowed to make a treatment recommendation. Non-medical personnel should NEVER tell you what you need, either surgery or not, since this is actual medical advice and offering it without being a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant is considered practicing medicine without a license, a crime in the State of Florida.

You will see one of our Patient Education Directors and then Dr. Barusco. After Dr. Barusco makes a recommendation, the Patient Education Director will then give you a price quote and help you arrange for your procedure, should you decide to do it. Again, we do not employ high-pressure tactics. We believe that our services and results are the best you can find, so we are confident that you will let us know when you are ready to proceed with the procedure, should that be the case.