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Trust Your Hairline to a Surgeon, Not a Machine

Natural, permanent medical hair restoration requires a leading doctor who brings a sense of artistry to his craft. Dr. Barusco is the hair doctor for celebrities, his own colleagues and patients like you who don’t sacrifice on quality. In fact, Dr. Barusco regularly travels around the globe to instruct and speak about his advanced procedures. This includes his exclusive, No-Shave FUE technique.


Completely Natural Hair Restoration in Just Hours

In just one day, our hair restoration team can restore the confidence you’ve lost after years of hair loss.

At Tempus Hair Restoration, your treatment is our one and only focus. Unlike other practices that pack in as many patients as possible, we serve only one patient at a time. This singular focus allows our practice founder, Dr. Barusco, to devote all his time and attention to that one patient, with no other distractions. Few other practices feature this impressive, hands-on care from an actual physician.


Don’t become a victim of Fraudulent Illicit + Global Hair Transplants!

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) – the world’s leading medical authority on hair loss treatment and restoration – has initiated a worldwide patient awareness campaign designed to help people recognize fraudulent hair restoration clinics and misleading advertising claims. As a member of ISHRS, we fully support the efforts to raise awareness of, and combat, fraudulent hair transplant surgeries. Dr. Marco Barusco is a Fellow of the ISHRS and a leadership member of the Global Council of Hair Restoration Societies – distinctions that are only given to those who achieve certain landmarks on teaching and leadership. Currently, fewer than 10% of the ISHRS members are Fellows and even fewer serve in leadership roles.

Before committing to surgery, it’s important to research your doctor. Fraudulent doctors prey upon uninformed consumers by luring them with low prices and guaranteed positive outcomes. Unfortunately, they put the health of the patients who trusted them at risk, with results that may be permanently disfiguring.

Learn more information here about the ISHRS campaign, Fight The FIGHT.

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