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Precise Facial Hair Transplants

At Tempus Hair Restoration, Dr. Marco Barusco and his team are not limited to performing hair transplant procedures in the scalp. We can provide a solution to hair loss in any area of the body, including facial hair transplant. These procedures are more complex and require a lot of experience of the doctor and the team. We perform a large amount of hair transplants in beards, mustaches and sideburns for men. The procedure is done both for filling in thin areas or to camouflage a facial scar.

Specializing in Eyebrow Transplants

The most common area for hair transplants, other than the scalp, is the eyebrows. The eyebrows are a very important facial feature and are one of the few ways we express our emotions. If you’ve lost eyebrow hair due to a disease, a scar from an accident or a cosmetic choice that you now regret, we can help. The solution for most patients is hair transplantation. Stop penciling in your eyebrows every day. We even treat patients with tattooed eyebrows that are now fading and discoloring.

Not Every Hair Restoration Specialist Can Handle Facial Hair Implants

It is important to know that techniques used in facial hair transplants are different from the ones used for procedures in the scalp. You need a specialist like Dr. Barusco who is artistic and pays attention to detail. That includes taking the time to plan the angle and direction of hair for the most natural looking results. If you would like to fill in gaps or have scars that could be hidden by facial hair, don’t cut corners with a less experienced practice.

The hair for facial hair transplants is normally taken from the sides and back of the head, which are the same areas used in normal hair transplant surgery for bald and thinning areas of the scalp. The only difference is that the hair removed is usually from lower down toward the neck where the hair quality is more compatible to facial hair. Dr. Barusco understands how hairs from different areas of the body behave, and he has the skill and artistry to harvest the hairs that are the best match.

Our precise facial hair transplant fills thin hair and hides scars with natural results.

Dr. Barusco features years of expertise restoring thinning facial hair. He also has the skill to subtly hide facial scars with his delicate hair transplant techniques.