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Advanced Treatment for Hair Loss after Trauma

If you’re experiencing hair loss after trauma to your head, don’t trust an ordinary hair restoration clinic. These practices often use non-medically trained technicians to perform the procedures. If you’ve experienced an injury to your head, you need a medical professional’s expertise to avoid any potential harm to sensitive areas that may still be healing.

Why Trust Dr. Barusco to Treat Hair Loss from Trauma

Dr. Barusco is not just a hair restoration specialist. As a board certified surgeon, he has a strong background in performing complicated procedures that hide scars and other injuries. He also understands the impact of past trauma and applies the utmost caution and care to your treatment. In some cases, he will even recommend imaging tests to ensure a patient is well enough to undergo treatment.

Advanced Procedures for Hair Loss Due to Head Trauma

Dr. Barusco is a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, so he stays up to date with the latest industry news and breakthroughs that could influence treatment for hair loss due to head trauma. He is a respected educator and has been invited to lecture all over the world. Dr. Barusco has even trained many other successful hair transplant surgeons over the years in the art of delivering natural results. Some hair transplant doctors and their staff in the Central Florida area are even patients of Dr. Barusco.

Why do so many patients with special needs place so much trust in Tempus Hair Restoration? Because Dr. Barusco personally performs every procedure himself. He gives you his undivided attention and does not treat multiple patients at a time. He is supported by a surgical team that has been working together for over 12 years, so you get the care of professionals who have treated many patients with similar needs. We are the only practice in Florida to offer consultations in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

We specialize in providing hair restoration after head trauma.

If you’ve had head trauma, you need advanced care and attention., Patients with head trauma come from all over the world for Dr. Barusco’s expertise.