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Hair Growth Treatment for Men Without Surgery

With the advancements in medical research and the understanding of the process that causes hair loss, you now have access to many medical hair growth treatments. Although these medical treatments may not yield the dramatic results of our transplant options, they play an important role in stabilizing hair loss over time and maintaining hairs that would

Propecia (Finasteride)

This prescription tablet decreases DHT by blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Propecia maintains hair in the majority of patients, with a considerable number of patients noticing actual improvement in hair thickness and coverage over time. This product is recommended for men only.

Rogaine (Minoxidil)

This topical solution is applied to the scalp twice daily for men and once daily for women. Rogaine stimulates hair growth and maintenance of hairs. It is best if used in combination with Propecia, the Capillus Laser or both. Rogaine may also help increase hair thickness and coverage on the temples and on the frontal hairline. It is available in a women’s concentration (2% Minoxidil) and in a men’s concentration (5% Minoxidil).

ViviscalJ® Pro

Viviscal® Pro is a food supplement containing special marine extracts and a silica compound that has been scientifically studied and shown to have a positive effect in stimulating hair growth and assisting in the reversal/prevention of hair loss. It is safe for men and women. In scientific studies, an average of 75% of patients taking Viviscal® reported a clinically significant decrease in their hair loss within the first 6 months of use, with many patients reporting hair regrowth.

Viviscal® is available in regular strength and extra strength (professional). Regular Viviscal® may be purchased at selected retailers, but Viviscal® Professional strength is available only via physician’s offices.

Capillus272® Pro Home Laser Therapy Device

The Capillus272® Pro is a laser hair regrowth system that lets you comfortably treat your hair loss without interrupting your lifestyle and daily routine. The low-level laser diodes are cool to the touch, so you can use this device daily without discomfort. The Capillus272® Pro has no known side effects and it has been deemed safe for use by the FDA.

Hair Building Fibers

These color-matched hair building fibers help give your hair the appearance of fullness by making the hairs look thicker. There are many brands on the market. When used in combination with other hair products, they will give your hair a boost of thickness while still looking very natural. This product is safe for use every day. Most patients use it during the growth phase of their hair transplant procedure while they wait for the new hairs to grow to their full potential.

Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Many hair restoration practices are offering this treatment modality to patients. It involves drawing blood from the patient and putting it into a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets in the plasma. This platelet concentrate is then injected into the areas where the hair is thinning. Platelets are responsible for the coagulation of blood after an injury, and they release a number of growth factors when needed. The thought process is that these growth factors, once released into the scalp near the thinning hairs, will promote hair growth.

This treatment modality for hair loss is still being studied. Although many practices offer it, there is not enough solid research data and evidence that supports its use. At Tempus Hair Restoration, we do not offer it at this time. We advise patients to exercise caution when signing up for this treatment because there is no guarantee of results and no data that allows for an accurate prediction of success.

We offer a variety of hair regrowth treatment options to restore your lost hair.

Medical hair growth treatments help stabilize hair loss and maintain hairs that would otherwise be lost.

Dr. Barusco has been pioneering advanced hair restoration treatments since 1998. Consult our hair specialists to find out which medical or alternative treatment will give you the best results.