Juvenile Hair Loss, And What You Can Do

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Juvenile Hair Loss, And What You Can Do

Hair loss can be a huge blow to the confidence of anyone, but especially adolescents. It may seem like something that would only affect older people, but in reality about 1 in 1,000 children suffer from alopecia areata, (bald spots). So why might a child experience hair loss?

The Cause

Alopecia, (hair loss), can occur in adolescents for a few reasons. Be it diet, hormones, or strenuous hair treatments, it could be something your child or teen doesn’t even know they’re doing. With those kinds of cases, sometimes it is only temporary and can be treated. Seeing a doctor could point you in the direction of the issue. Stress is a huge factor of teen hair loss, and can often lead to subconscious plucking of hair, or the hair to fall out on its own. If this is the case, speaking with your teen about anything that is troubling them could help. But remember, you won’t see improvements over night. It could still take 6 months to a year to regrow the hair they had.

If this is a case of paternal or maternal pattern hair loss, then it could be your child is just the next in line for a hereditary trait. You can try natural growth stimulants like coconut, or green tea oil, to slow the hair loss down, but it is unlikely to see that hair return on its own.

What to say to your child

The most important thing to reinforce to your child is that what’s happening isn’t their fault. They didn’t do anything to contract this issue, it is just commonly a symptom of an underlying health issue. Making sure they know this, and that there are still options for them, will be important in keeping up their self-esteem. Negatively impacting their mental state can make the issue worse.

Why you should see Dr. Barusco

It is important to remember to seek a doctor’s opinion as soon as possible, since the sooner you treat hair loss, the better. A doctor that specializes in hair loss such as Dr. Barusco can guide you in the right direction, recommending the best treatment for your specific situation.

Treatment may include medications, laser therapy, and/or procedures such as a hair transplant or our PRP/Stem Cell procedures. Most of the times, hair transplantation is not recommended for your persons, but in cases of scalp scars or areas where the hair was lost to the trauma, transplantation can be helpful.

Here at Tempus, Dr. Barusco offers his own, special stem cell hair restoration. The treatment relies on the patient’s natural supply of growth factors and stem cells. While the industry standard only supplies enough to cover very small areas, we use enough to cover the patient’s entire scalp. Partnering a more platelet rich solution than the standard, and actual stem cells extracted from the fat of the patient, this simple in-and-out procedure can help return the hair your child has lost.

Before you start spending money on products and shampoos that may not be effective, schedule a free consultation with us, at Tempus Hair Restoration. We will help guide you to the right choice for your child.