If you’re researching your options for a hair transplant procedure, you’re most likely visiting the websites of a variety of clinics and practices – including this one, obviously. However, pricing structures vary widely, which can cause confusion. Because we at Tempus Hair Restoration believe that well-informed consumers are able to make the choice that’s best for their individual situation, we’ll cover the different types of pricing that some hair restoration practices offer, and how we determine our pricing – as well as why price shouldn’t be the main factor in this important decision.

Per-graft Pricing

This pricing structure is perhaps the most frequently promoted by hair transplant clinics. Based on search engine results about how pricing is determined, consumers tend to ask about the cost of 2,000 or 5,000 hair grafts. Thinking about the cost of a transplant in this way is counterproductive, however, as it leads people to believe that a set number of grafts will produce the desired result.

An ethical practice may refer to a price-per-graft, but emphasize that each person is unique, and the number of grafts needed can only be estimated during an in-person or virtual consultation. A common practice is to charge less per-graft as the number of grafts increases, so a patient doesn’t pay double the cost for a 2,000 per follicular unit graft over a 1,000 per follicular unit graft.

The Type of Hair Transplant Procedure Performed – FUT or FUE

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) refers to the “strip” method of hair transplantation. In this procedure, the surgeon takes hair grafts by removing a strip of skin from the back of the scalp.  Once the donor site is sutured, the strip is split into smaller sections with a surgical tool. These smaller sections are then implanted at the recipient site.

Traditionally, the FUT has been a less expensive procedure than the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which harvests hair grafts by way of a tiny circular incision made around each follicular unit. The follicular units are individually extracted directly from the scalp, then implanted in the recipient sites. Because this method is more time-consuming than the FUT, it typically is more expensive.

Red Flags to Look for With an FUE Transplant

The way in which follicles are harvested in an FUE transplant has given rise to devices that harvest and/or implant follicular units. This complicates matters, as practices that use such devices often promote them by brand name, and position them as a selling point. There are two basic types of these devices:

  1. Machines that use pneumatic pressure to power a hollow circular punch, then suck the hair graft into a container where the grafts are gathered for implantation.
  2. Robotic hair transplant systems, which are guided by a computer algorithm to identify and harvest follicular units.

We mention these devices because they’re used in advertising for the clinics that employ them, and you may assume they figure into the pricing. This could be a factor in the case of the robotic system, which tends to be higher because the practice has to recoup the cost of the machine – which can cost about $200,000. However, we strongly caution against choosing such a clinic, as it is common practice for them to use technicians and other unlicensed personnel to harvest follicular units.

Legally speaking, these devices are considered an extension of the hand of the surgeon. Florida and a few other states in the U.S. have passed legislation which deems that harvesting hair and making incisions on a patient are functions that only a physician, a Physician’s Assistant (not the same as a technician or nurse) or a Nurse Practitioner are allowed to perform. If you have not already done so, we recommend you read Dr. Marco Barusco’s eye-opening report – “The Truth Behind Advertising Devices Instead of Surgeons” – for the complete story of the consequences of unqualified clinic personnel performing hair transplants with these devices.

Other Factors that Affect the Cost of a Hair Transplant

The overall cost of living in your area – as well as the number of hair transplant surgeons in your vicinity – can affect the cost of a hair transplant. Also important is the surgeon’s experience and professional reputation.

Keep in mind that hair transplant surgery is surgery. At Tempus Hair Restoration, the cost includes guarantee, local anesthesia, post-operative kit and follow-ups. Patients do need to pay for post-op pain medication at their local pharmacy with a provided prescription.

How Tempus Hair Restoration Determines the Cost of Your Hair Transplant Procedure

Tempus Hair Restoration charges per-graft. However, pricing is determined only after Dr. Marco Barusco – Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Tempus Hair Restoration – conducts a one-on-one consultation with the prospective patient. During this consultation, he will diagnose the cause of your hair loss, discuss your hair restoration goals with you, and provide and discuss a treatment plan. To state the obvious, because each person is different, each treatment plan will be different. Therefore, pricing will ultimately be tailored to the individual.

We cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of choosing a transplant surgeon based on experience, skill, results and integrity rather than a bargain deal. You do get what you pay for. Dr. Barusco’s long list of accomplishments, his notable artistic ability and his successful surgical team make Tempus Hair Restoration a renowned practice.

We want to help you achieve the best possible result that restores your self-image and boosts your confidence. Here at Tempus Hair Restoration, we understand the investment this involves, and offer many great financing options to place this important goal within reach.

Contact us to schedule your free virtual or in-person consultation. Dr. Barusco conducts every consultation himself, giving you the opportunity to learn your options in the comfort of your home – or any location, on any internet-enabled device. 

Dr. Barusco conducts consultations in English, Spanish and Portuguese. For your greater convenience, Tempus Hair Restoration offers a two-night complimentary hotel stay to out-of-town clients who travel 100 miles or more to our Port Orange, Florida, surgical center. No matter how far the distance, we welcome the opportunity to help you on your hair restoration journey!

Author: Tempus Hair Restoration